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Welcome to TuitionLanka.lk. TuitionLanka.lk is the leaders in tuition directory of Sri Lanka. TuitionLanka.lk offers you all kinds of tuition related solutions. TuitionLanka.lk is unique in its service since it is committed to provide its users a multiple services related to education.


Manage overall education functionality and marketing execution which relate to tuition field


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WHY TuitionLanka.lk?

TuitionLanka.lk warmly presents you our greater service to you and invites you to browse through our site and find your trusted student-base, teacher-base or any other solutions for what matters with your education.

If you are student or a parent and looking forward to have an ideal teacher for your desired subjects, TuitionLanka.lk is in the leader of providing you that service. If you a teacher and expecting to expand your great service, TuitionLanka.lk is the idyllic place to flourish your expectations.

Unlike other sites, TuitionLanka.lk asks you to fill no cumbersome forms. It never asks you to perform any tedious self-searches. With one or two clicks, you have to provide your preferences and what sort of desires that you are looking for. Once your preferences and desires are notified, TuitionLanka.lk will provide your needs instantly!

For Students/ Parents

Tuitionlanka.lk recognizes that the task of finding a reliable and suitable home teacher is one of the vital important missions that a parent must does. With that regards, parents will entrust their children’s academic improvement to their home teacher. With that passion, we manage a sizeable list of teachers who share our vision in maintaining a high level of expertise and professionalism in home and institutional tuition services. More of everything we provide this services for free in charge for teachers, parents and students.

For Teachers

Although you are talented with your knowledge, skilled with your qualifications and encompassed with your multiple experience, you would not find sufficient and important students to your student-cycle unless you do not have a fascinating marketing strategy. Yet, marketing is time and money consuming.

Therefore, marketing will be a difficult task to enroll with for a teacher, who is especially in his/her initial stage of teaching. Even if you are an experienced teacher, still you will face problems related to marketing since it requires both time and money massively. Here, it is worthy to note that money and time alone would not make a better marketing. And marketing alone would not give you a better time with teacher. Teaching necessities need to be managed in an effective manner, so then both teacher and student will be satisfied.

Nevertheless, if you are with TuitionLanka.lk, you do not need worry about above mentioned issues. You just have to simply register with TuitionLanka.lk for free-in-charge and find your ideal student-base for teaching. Moreover, if you want to have an effective student-base with less competition, then you can enroll with the premium package of TuitionLanka.lk and make your workload and stress released.

When you are registering with the premium package of TuitionLanka.lk, you are entitled to display your educational and professional qualifications to all the stakeholders, including your customers and competitors.

In order to be a proud partner of our premium package, please go through the FAQ section of TutionLanka.lk and search through institutions/teachers section. Once you go to the section of institution/teachers, please refer to the questions of (e), (i), (j), (k). For further details, please obtain them via emailing us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling us at +94-75-5927927. For further information regarding premium package,

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