Chemistry @ Navagamuwa (Cambridge/Edexcel/National/IB)

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Chemistry @ Navagamuwa (Cambridge/Edexcel/National/IB)
You follow Cambridge / Edexel and you…

-Do not understand the what your teacher says??

-Do not understand how topics relate to each other or how the lesson flows??

-Do not know the exact limits of the syllabus??

-Can’t answer the exam questions with confidence or don’t know what to write at all??

-feel like the allocated space in the exam paper questions seems too much or too small for your answer??

-write a lot of explanation but still you can’t score marks??

Infinite Chemistry is a special and unique way of learning the so-called “hard” subject, Chemistry. Our program is based on teacher-student feedback in which the teacher understands, evaluates and take measures to improve the student’s proficiency, confidence and competency in the subject.

Our students are guided and directed to research themselves to find interrelations and pattern in theory content for ease of study. We strictly DO NOT follow the typical “take-down-notes-then-study-them” method but discover real effective ways of studying.

Our students are guided to build their own versions of notes, discover written-presentation techniques which are enormously important in scoring marks and fast-track their own learning sequence. We are extremely focused on the FINAL RESULT that is scored in the exam. The concept establishment process is 3 fold:

1.Delivering the insight with interesting practical applications of the concept being studied.

2.Students applying the learned insight on the practical problems and practicing in order to gain speed in answering.

3. Concentrating on special techniques and effective PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES in answering that avoid loosing marks and help earn the full marks allocated to the question.

we are dedicated to helping students inside or outside our program via our facebook page or through our website, which will be launched by the end of the 1st quarter 2015.

Program profile
Our teaching program covers the full aspect of the subject in order to lead you towards an excellent result. In addition you will receive..

1.Series of standardized work books for self study

2.Printed syllabus(Comprehensive)

3.Free Printed Past papers

4.Free Printed mark schemes

Student profile

Our students throughout the past decade have yielded a 86% of A* and A who moved onto higher studies in Engineering, Medicine, IT, Mechatronics, Aeronautical, Marine, Microbiology, Bio systems, Automobile and Engineering management in reputed universities throughout Europe, Us, Malaysia, Australia and Russia including Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Curtin and Monash with full and half board scholarships.

Our teaching program guarantees that the students think differently and act differently towards subject content of other subjects as well as Chemisty.

Teacher profile

- Highly experienced in coaching local and foreign students in Malaysia, Singapore as well as in Sri Lanka.

-Direct exposure to conferences and seminars on syllabus and exam-paper amendments from Cambridge & Edexcel. (The downloaded syllabuses do not reveal the actual dimensions of the theories)

-Effective presentation and analysis techniques that avoids confusion and waste of time.

-Exceptional educational background at University of Colombo and Royal College.

Call 0773-707173 for home-visiting appointments and experience the Infinite way.
Name: Sachith Herath
Address: Colombo
Phone: 0773-707173
Email: email
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Class type: Individual
District: Colombo
Town: Navagamuwa
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