Learn to Swim @ Kaduwela

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Learn to Swim @ Kaduwela
Colombo District : Kaduwela:
Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim
While learning to swim is often thought of as an activity accomplished
fear of water and lack of access to swimming pools lead to grow up and Children adults
that do not know how to swim.

In fact, With the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention reporting 10 drowning deaths every day, swimming is an important life-saving
skill as well as a recreational skill. As an adult who does not swim, you might feel
embarrassed or frustrated by your inability to swim. However, armed with the right resources,
you can soon be on your way comfortably splashing around in the water. Contact -0714166660-0725666660

Conducted By Extreme Cyber Showrooms
Name: Extreme Cyber Showrooms
Address: kaduwela
Phone: 0772073957
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Class type: Group
District: Colombo
Town: Kaduwela
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